DWC Electrical Duct/Pipe

The DWC Duct/Pipes is designed as a technically superior and cost- effective solution for replacement of GI, RCC and PVC pipes in fiber optic and electric cable networks.

Manufactured from rugged and virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), this duct has a double-walled construction. This unique construction, while making it light-weight, gives excellent mechanical properties like high ring stiffness, better impact strength and superior crush resistance. The smooth inner wall facilitates easy insertion of ducts and cables in DWC Duct/Pipes.

The DWC Duct/Pipe has the ability to withstand heavy external loads when properly buried and back filled. Hence, it is ideally suited for usage as Jacket/Casing duct in those environments where direct placement of ducts and cables is not safe and easy

Why Only DWC Duct

  • Different colors of DWC duct can be used for cable identification.
  • Manufactured as per IS 16205 (Part-24):2018.
  • Economical & Designed to serve for 50 years, much longer life as compared to GI, RCC and PVC pipe.
  • Smooth Inner wall, Excellent Compressive Strength Takes heavy earth load.
  • Minimum joints. Available in 6 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 250 / 500 m straight lengths / Coils.
  • Moderate flexibility takes care of Soil settlement if any.
  • Light Weight, Easy installation & handling.
  • Water & Dust Proof in joints.
  • Very easy to fit (all the types of joints – Sockets, Elbows, Bends, End Caps are available).
  • Chemically inert and therefore suitable for use in saline/coastal areas.
  • No sharp edges therefore safe for duct/cable installation.


Telecom Applications

  • Used as the main duct in main-duct/sub-duct network design.
  • Protection of ducts across rivers, culverts and disused canals.
  • Protection of ducts in rail/road crossings.
  • Protection of ducts & optic fibre cables in city networks.
  • Casing of copper cables.
  • Used as a casing duct for simultaneous placement of quad cables and optic fiber cables along  railway track.

Electrical Applications

Protective casing of street lighting cable – Pole to poleapplication
DWC duct help in designing an easy to maintain street lighting network. Instead of laying it directly buried, the street lighting cable is installed inside the duct. The advantage are:

  • Easy laying of cable upon completion of civil works.
  • Ease of maintenance as cables are free to move inside the duct.
  • Easy to upgrade/replace cables.

Protective casing application of power cables in city distribution network-an excellent & cost effective alternative to GI, RCC & PVC pipe in :

  • Rail/road crossing (refer illustration 2)
  • Across rivers, culverts & disused canals (nallahas).

Protective Casing application of solar cables in solar energy network an excellent & cost effective alternative to GI, RCC & PVC Pipe.

  • Easy Laying of cable upon completion of solar work
  • Ease of maintainance as calbles are free to move inside the duct
  • Easy to upgrade, repair & replace cable.
  • Protect from UV stabilization & long life.
  • Protect cable from from outsource damages & underground Rodents.

Available Size

Sr.No. Nominal OD (mm) Sizes OD/ID (mm) Length (meter)
1 40 40/32 6/250/500/1000
2 50 50/38 6/250/500
3 63 63/51 6/250
4 75 75/61 6/250
5 90 90/76 6
6 110 110/92 6
7 120 120/103.5 6
8 160 160/136 6
9 180 180/152 6
10 200 200/170 6
  • In the above range 50 mm – 110 mm can also be supplied in Coils 100 – 500m & 12m length can be also be supplied in straight length.
  • In the above range 40 mm – 110 mm can also be supplied in Coils 100 – 500m & 12m length can be also be supplied in straight length.
  • CPE ducts can be supplied in Orange, Green, Blue, yellow, Violate or a colour of your Choice.
  • Available in following special properties as well:
    a. With resistance to flame propagation property
    b. With anti-rodent property.
  • We also supply Split Pipe used for Protection of already laid/Existing cable protection.
  • Couplers available for each of the above sizes.

Other Accessories


End Cap

Rubber Seal